Korean Ubuntu

1.       Install Korean Language
a.       Run [Menu > Control Center > Language Support]
b.      Click [Install / Remove Languages...]
c.       Check [Korean]
d.      Click [Apply Changes]
2.       Install Korean IME
a.       Run [Menu > Synaptic Package Manager]
b.      Type "ibus-hangul" in [Quick filter] edit box
c.       Select [Mark for Installation] on [ibus-hangul]
d.      Click [Apply]
e.      But not yet run IBus
3.       Set up Korean IME
a.       Run [Menu > Control Center > Language Support]
b.      Select [ibus] on [Keyboard input method system]
c.       Click [Close]
4.       Show IME
a.       Run [IBus] on [Menu]
b.      Now you can see IBus icon on notification area of taskbar.
c.       Click [IBus > Preferences]
d.      Select [Input Method] tab page
e.      Check [Customized active input methods]
f.        Select [Select an input method > Korean > Korean]
g.       Click [+Add]
h.      Now you can type Korean.
·         If you cannot change to Korean with ALT_RIGHT on Ubuntu, remove [ALT] for [HUD].

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